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542 Walnut Hills Road

Staunton, VA 24401

Phone:   540-448-1904

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E-mail:  healingreigns@me.commailto:healingreigns@me.com?subject=Massage%20info%20request%20from%20website.mailto:healingreigns@me.com?subject=email%20subjectshapeimage_12_link_0

$60 (+/- 1 hour):               Upper body Massage

This massage is geared towards releasing stress in the neck and shoulders.  For those of you who don’t have time for a full body massage consider this option.

After your massage, you should drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system. If you have access to a steam room or whirlpool, they are ideal ways to continue cleansing the system. If not, a hot shower followed by a soak bath is also a great follow-up.

$75 (+/- 1 hr 15 min):     Full Body Massage

Full body massage blends deep tissue, swedish, energy work and reflexology.

$90 (+/- 1 hr 30 min):     Full Body Massage

This Full body massage blends deep tissue, swedish, energy work and reflexology, adding extra time for the body mind and spirit to rebalance.

$110 (+/- 2 hr):               Full Body Massage

For those who’ve been under added stress or perhaps it’s been awhile since your last massage, this is the one for you! Often it takes a little bit of time and connection for a complete release allowing the body to come back to center.

$120 (+/- 2 hr):              Classic Hot Stone


Incorporates swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, face massage and wrap, and hot stone massage. Certainly, the “all the bells and whistles” treatment!

By Appointment only:

Please call 540-448-1904 

$75 (+/- 1 hr 15 min):     Pregnancy Massage

This is a special massage for mothers-to-be. While releasing those strained muscles, experience a unique energy connection with your baby. This massage helps to balance your changing body mind and spirit.